Alfred Friedrich Brosch 

Or as most know him: "Friedl."


Friedl is a master cabinetmaker, a museum-quality restorer, and a sculptor. He is a talented craftsman residing on the North Shore with a passion for creating beautiful, unique and quality custom woodwork.

He was born in Australia and raised in Austria. Aside from Main St. in Essex, he considers Austria "home." There he earned both his cabinetmaker and his museum-quality restorer credentials.

Crane Estate

He designs both contemporary and classical furniture by commission, or duplicates classical furniture, right down to its finish. Friedl will sketch clients ideas until he coaxes their idea into a reality. A few areas of his expertise include: inlay work, gold leafing & carving.


Friedl Builds:

Furniture - Dining Tables, Coffee Tables, Chairs, Secretaries, Servers, etc.
Fireplace Cantels
Built-in Cabinets
and anything else the client requests.

Friedl Restores:

Everything from sentimental family pieces all the way to museum quality antiques.

He lives with his wife Deborah and their three children, Anneliese, Nicole and Christopher and their loving Canaan Dog, Ella.

Friedl and Chris